Stuffed Bell peppers

For those living in Arizona I HIGHLY recommend you look up Market on the Move. It is an amazing market where you can get 60 lbs of fresh seasonal produce for $10!!! When I lived in Arizona I used to go as often as possible and one thing I always got were bell peppers, and... Continue Reading →

Pineapple chicken

So on Sunday we had very few ingredients at home, and living in Austria means that nothing is open. Thankfully though we had enough to make this super simple, but filling, dish.  Ingredients: Chicken, pineapple, soy sauce (can also use teriyaki sauce), rice When I make this I try and get as much flavor in... Continue Reading →

Turkey burgers

These burgers are amazing and definitely a favorite in our apartment. This is another recipe I got from Pinterest, and slightly modified based on my kitchen. You can find the original recipe here. Ingredients: Burger: ground Turkey, feta cheese, red onion, spices (Italian or Greek preferred), egg, garlic hamburger buns Sauce: sour cream & Italian... Continue Reading →

Southwest Salad

Over the weekend it was surprisingly warm in Graz! I'm not used to cooking meals for warm days anymore but thankfully Jen over at Carlsbad Cravings had the perfect solution! A Southwest Salad. Since this is not my recipe I did not take photos of everything, but it was so good I had to share! ... Continue Reading →

Noodle box

So in Graz right now a popular fast food "meal" is a noodle box. You can buy it from a stand on the street or even in a restaurant, and the types vary. However I wanted to try to make it at home and possibly a little healthier. The ingredients you'll need: noodles (in the... Continue Reading →

Styrian Schnitzel

Last weekend Michael and I (and a few other friends from Arizona) visited Daria and Ernan in Vienna. Since two other friends from America were with us we decided it was about time we cooked and posted an Austrian meal! Traditional Wiener Schnitzel comes from Vienna and is made with Veal. This dish differs from that because... Continue Reading →

One pot pasta

Another very simple recipe.  I typically make this when I am about to go out of town and have already cleaned out my fridge. It's simple and since I use frozen vegetables it can be made even when my kitchen is fairly empty. The only ingredients you need are frozen vegetables (of course you can use... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Lentil Soup

This is a very quick and healthy meal. Ingredients: Any vegetables you have. I typically buy fresh vegetables and freeze them, or buy frozen vegetables. Based on what I had in my kitchen my soup included: frozen carrots, spinach, and onions. Then Fresh Tomatoes, one cup of lentils, soup mix, and spices.   This recipe... Continue Reading →

Chicken rolls

These chicken rolls are a bit of a spinoff from All Kinds of Yumm. Normally I try and eat relatively clean and healthy but these are definitely a cheat meal! Taste AMAZING and can be easily frozen, which is convenient for busy weeknights, but I do suggest eating them in moderation. First boil the chicken... Continue Reading →

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