Thanksgiving in Austria 2013
Thanksgiving in Austria 2013

Welcome to our blog. This is a spot for us to share recipes and any other useful home improvement, cleaning, etc. tips. As of right now we both live in Austria and are trying to recreate whole, healthy, international dishes.

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am originally from Tucson, Arizona but now I live with my Austrian fiancee in Graz, Austria. I love to cook, ride horses, and spend time with family and friends. Since I am living in Austria I have had to be creative with recipes. Some ingredients are more difficult to find or more expensive than in the states. I normally cook either American food or Austrian but Michael and I also really enjoy Mexican and Asian food.

Hi there! My name is Daria and I am also currently living in Austria with my boyfriend, Ernan, with whom I moved to Vienna in 2012 from Tempe, Arizona. It’s funny how life sometimes works – Ashley and I had a couple of German classes together at Arizona State University but we didn’t know much about each other. After living in Vienna for about 6 months I found out that Ashley was also moving here and we grew really close thereafter. Since then, we have found much comfort in cooking together and sharing recipes, which has made the transition of living away from home a much more enjoyable experience! In addition to traveling, I sincerely enjoy cooking (and naturally with that – eating), and (as you will see) taking pictures of delicious international foods 🙂

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