Chicken & Avocado Panini

YUMMMM, so excited to share my Chicken & Avocado Panini with you! This is super easy to make because it does’t have any specific measurements and you can totally play around with the ingredients and flavors in this recipe!



  1. Chicken breasts, cubed
  2. Bell pepper, sliced
  3. Jalapeños, sliced
  4. Avocados, sliced
  5. Mozzarella, shredded
  6. Mozzarella Cheese, whole
  7. Olive oil
  8. Some of your favorite seasoning (I used a mix of asian spices, chilli, and paprika)
  9. Tortillas

IMG_2628 IMG_2630 IMG_2632


  • Season the chicken well, pour olive oil into a pan, fry the chicken pieces for about 8 minutes on medium heat
  • Add the sliced bell peppers, cook until the bell peppers are tender and chicken is golden

IMG_2626 IMG_2629 IMG_2635

  • Lay the tortilla flat, scoop a little bit of everything inside, wrap it, place on the panini grill! DONE!

IMG_2637 IMG_2645

These paninis are so tasty because all the ingredients + the juices from the chicken blend together so good that you don’t even NEED to dip it into a sauce! We absolutely love it!

Note: We had some avocados, mozzarella, and jalapeños left over in the end and used them to make a quick salad to serve on the side (just added tomatoes and lettuce to it). We used french dressing for it and garnished with sesame seeds.


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