Turkey burgers


These burgers are amazing and definitely a favorite in our apartment. This is another recipe I got from Pinterest, and slightly modified based on my kitchen. You can find the original recipe here.



Burger: ground Turkey, feta cheese, red onion, spices (Italian or Greek preferred), egg, garlic

hamburger buns

Sauce: sour cream & Italian spices

First mix all burger ingredients together in a bowl


Then form balls. In my case I have this grill and when I close it the hamburgs are easily formed, but in the past I have also molded hamburgers by hand and used a pan.


Once cooked all the way through serve on toasted hamburger bun,¬†lettuce (if you’d like) and the sauce (which is a mixture of Italian spices and sour cream), and serve with fruit.¬†IMG_0009

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

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