Vegetable Lentil Soup


This is a very quick and healthy meal.


Any vegetables you have. I typically buy fresh vegetables and freeze them, or buy frozen vegetables.

Based on what I had in my kitchen my soup included: frozen carrots, spinach, and onions. Then Fresh Tomatoes, one cup of lentils, soup mix, and spices.

IMG_0428  IMG_0431

This recipe really can’t be any easier. Simply put all the ingredients in a pot – season to taste, and let it cook until all vegetables are cooked.


I find this recipe to be really great at night because it is filling enough to keep you full but since it’s a soup it’s light enough that you don’t feel like your in a food coma right before bed.

Tip: Michael enjoys dipping toast into it.

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  1. We cook always at temperature from 68 C- 154 F (bacteria are killed of around this temp.) to 85 C _ 185 F, covered, to get tenderness and save minerals & vitamins, not for long, etc. Ashley&Daria great Couplechefs


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