One pot pasta


Another very simple recipe.  I typically make this when I am about to go out of town and have already cleaned out my fridge. It’s simple and since I use frozen vegetables it can be made even when my kitchen is fairly empty.

The only ingredients you need are frozen vegetables (of course you can use fresh if you’d like), pasta (here I used regular pasta but it would be even better if you could use whole wheat), olive oil (or any type of oil you prefer- but I have only tried it with olive oil), and whatever spices you prefer (I used pepper and dried basil).


Simply bring water to a boil like you normally would with pasta. Then put the vegetables and pasta in at the same time.


The final step is to drain the pasta and vegetables and then add your oil and seasoning.

*cooking the pasta and vegetables in one pot is really convenient because you use less dishes and it’s a lot less work.

I find this recipe incredibly easy and delicious, but in the future I would like to find a way to add some sort of protein to the meal.

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