Lindsey’s Egg Rolls

As of right now I did not include any measurements. The measurements depend on personal preference (i.e. more vegetables than meat or vice versa), and often there is leftover pastry or filling. The pastry can be refrozen and the filling can be cooked in a pan and added to salads. Spring Rolls


Ingredients: Vegetables: Bean sprouts, cabbage, shredded carrots & ginger, red onions Meat: Shredded ground beef & pork Spices: Salt & pepper, cilantro, cajon, red pepper, sugar, Thai basil (optional), coriander, chili, taro (optional) Extra: Eggs, glass noodles, spring roll wraps (pastry), olive oil.


Spring Rolls_7 Spring Rolls_8


First prepare the glass noodles by putting them in boiling water, cover them and let sit


. Spring Rolls_21 Spring Rolls_22


Next: prepare the vegetables by cutting the cabbage, and shredding the carrots & ginger.

Spring Rolls_15


When preparing the vegetables it is a good time to also puree the red onion with a bit of olive oil.


Spring Rolls_25 Spring Rolls_28


Prepare the glass noodles by draining them, rinsing them with cold water and using your hands to “cut” them.


Spring Rolls_30 Spring Rolls_31

Prepare the spring roll filling by adding the meat (uncooked) with the vegetables, glass noodles, and spices.


Spring Rolls_32 Spring Rolls_33

Prepare the pastry by allowing it to slightly defrost (but don’t leave it out too long) and then cutting it diagonally.


Spring Rolls_34Spring Rolls_49

Scramble the eggs in a bowl and place them with the pastry and filling. Then add a small amount of the filling to the long end of the pastry.


Spring Rolls_48  Spring Rolls_50 Spring Rolls_51 Spring Rolls_52 Spring Rolls_53 Spring Rolls_54 Spring Rolls_55 Spring Rolls_56

Roll the spring roll as seen above – use the eggs to “seal” the pastry.

Spring Rolls_61 Spring Rolls_67

The spring rolls can be placed in freezer bags and frozen, or cooked immediately.

Spring Rolls_73

Cook in oil on the stove (med heat), or bake them in the oven. Serve with sweet and sour sauce, rice, and lettuce.

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